Choosing The Correct Drywall Supplies For Each Construction Project

So, it looks like you are doing a few repairs to the walls of your home. Making your room look beautiful is always a sound investment, especially if you're fixing minor problems. And it looks as though you've gone to your local home renovation store to buy the drywall supplies.But, why are you putting regular white drywall in the bathroom?Buying any type of wall construction supply requires more than just watching the DIY shows on television and matching the drywall to what the TV personalities are using. You have to buy quality drywall that is appropriate for the type of wall construction project that you are doing. Only then can you ensure that the wall is constructed soundly and you won't have future problems to deal with because of a poorly-constructed wall.Not All Drywall Is The SameDrywall for the walls of your living room is not the same as drywall for your kitchen or shower. You have different factors such as humidity and moisture to take into consideration when building walls in certain rooms of your home. It's definitely important that you do your research so you'll know which drywall is required for the room you're working on.??? Standard White Board -- This drywall is the type seen most often for building interior walls and ceilings.

You'll want to use this in rooms where there's not normally a lot of moisture such as living rooms, bed rooms, dining rooms and hallways. The standard white drywall will crumble apart and develop mold. There are special types of drywall you'll want to use in areas where humidity and moisture is high.??? Type X -- Even though this would be a great drywall for sci-fi movies, it's actually defined as being fire resistant. This means it reduces the spread of fire so people can escape a burning structure. You'll want to use this in areas where fire is a possibility such as the garage, furnace rooms and areas where there is a fireplace.??? Greenboard -- This type of drywall has been treated with moisture-resistant techniques. The best place to use greenboard are places that experience high levels of daily humidity: kitchens, washrooms, and laundry rooms.??? Blueboard -- Moving on to another color of the rainbow, blueboard drywall is moisture-resistant and mold-resistant.

It can be used for shower walls, boiler rooms, and saunas. Another type of drywall called cement board also works well in high moisture areas.??? STC Soundproof Drywall -- Constructed out of multiple layers of standard drywall, soundproof drywall reduces noise passing through it. Soundproof drywall is perfect if you want a bit more privacy to a room, such as a master bedroom, or along the walls connected to a duplex.Build Walls RightAlways perform research regarding the room where you will be constructing the wall to determine the right type of drywall to use. You don't want to end up with a "redo" because you didn't use the correct drywall supplies!

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