Bullish Prospect of Fire Resistant Glass on The Future Market

According to the voice of the economy, "the trade of live "reports, Shanxi securities construction building materials industry analyst, Zhao Gong visits the trade of live, reading industry investment opportunity for everyone. Zhao Gong thinks if force to use this kind, its demand may appear a more substantial growth. The host : What is the direction of king gang products? Zhao Gong: king gang has a very obvious feature which is good for security. You can understand like that it is fireproof, bullet-proof and explosion-proof glass, This may sound have higher safety performance. The listed company is the only company to produce fire prevention function glass, security glass,, and also the relatively large size of flameproof glass enterprise, and its high-end flameproof glass can achieve more than 50% market share.

It has various breeds, like fire resistant glass has fireproof time factor, and can last a long time if there is a fire glass melt, according to the time ,it can be divided to 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes and 180 minutes, quite within 3 hours, that is to say 180 minutes is equal to 3hours. That is to say people in danger have a long time to escape. Big fire such as CCTV, both governments and ordinary people, now have more and more high requirement of fire protection building, so it has better prospects for the use of this kind . Ministry of public security and other relevant departments are formulating the top civil building fire protection design specification.

We had specification before, but it is encouraged to use, because the fire resistant glass has a quite high price, and we may do not know too much information about it, so it is not be used in large quantity. If this specification comes to effect, the original is to encourage, now it becomes forced to use it, the strength is different, the demand for this kind may appear a more substantial growth. Host: king gang today decline 4%, clinch a deal is now 9.7 yuan, also a new low point. What about low share price performance? Zhao Gong: because the index is low today, that is to say, the technology may not have fundamentals, in the long run it is not a big deal, may have more chance to do with the disk or the factors of the market. But I am also looking forward a bullish on more long-term development.

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