SLIDE TOWARDS INTEGRATION J.A. MARAIS (LEADER HERSTIGTE NASIONALE PARTY RECONSTITUTED NATIONAL PARTY) FROM S.A. OBESER OCTOBER, 1983 One of the essential features of the National Party’s constitutional proposal is the removal of the provision that has been in the South … Continue reading →


WHAT IS “MAJORITY RULE”? FROM THE NEW TIMES, FEBRUARY, 1977 When Malcolm Muggeridge, a master of the English language, wrote to The Times, London, asking where was the “majority” rule which Prime Minister Ian Smith of Rhodesia was told he … Continue reading →

1914 Germany-Afrikaner Boer Agreement

This article originally published on 1914 Germany-Afrikaner Boer Agreement To all the people of the white race all over the world, most of all to the German nation: This is an important agreement concerning the South African Boer people … Continue reading →

How America Helped to Bolshevise Russia

How America Helped to Bolshevise Russia K R Bolton One of the primary elements in the analysis of 20th century history has been the assumption of an almost Zoroastrian ‘tremendous dichotomy’ of ‘good versus evil’ manifested in the conflict between … Continue reading →

Reassigning race

Originally published @   Reassigning Races USA 2012 Jake England (Paleface) Jake England is a Cherokee Indian who is currently in prison charged with a series of shootings in Tulsa Oklahoma, which allegedly targeted black males.  It is believed … Continue reading →


“RHODESIA UNDEFEATED” BY FR. ARTHUR LEWIS FROM THE NEW TIMES JANUARY, 1977 The Rev. Father Arthur Lewis, Anglican Priest, who has given years to missionary work in Rhodesia, has never been backward in standing up for the Rhodesian cause. A … Continue reading →